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    Attention real estate wholesalers! Have you ever dreamt of having instant access to a vast pool of verified cash buyers?

    Would you like to ditch your cash buyer list-building efforts and have instant access to all the cash buyers nationwide, all within a few clicks? Well, you've come to the right place!

    Welcome to Cash Buyer Data Feed, your one-stop solution to transform your real estate wholesaling game.

    Designed by one of the country's most seasoned real estate investors, Cameron Dunlap, The Cash Buyer Data Feed was born out of a need to optimize the time-consuming and complex process of finding, reaching, and qualifying cash buyers.

    With over 20 years of industry experience, Cameron understands the value of your time and money, and now he brings his secret weapon to you!

    It’s NEVER Been Easier To Put REAL, Verifiable Cash Buyers Into Your Back Pocket As It Is Today!

    Whether you need cash buyers in your local state or nationwide, we've got you covered with the Cash Buyer Data Feed...

    • Get Instant Access to Over 350,000 New Cash Buyers Across America
    • Highlighted Multiple Transactions (so you know who the big-time players are)
    • Access Scripts, Tools, and Documents with 24/7 online access.
    • Built-In Automated Mail Manager
    • Customizable Letter and Post Card Templates
    • Phone Numbers (when available)
    • Weekly Sales Data Updates
    • Excel Exports (yearly plan)

    When it comes to wholesaling real estate, there are few things more important than having a list of cash buyers that are actively buying deals in your market. ​

    ​The simple fact is, when you have access to cash buyers, you’ll have unshakable confidence to go out and make more offers and, in turn, do more deals!

    User-Friendly Dashboard

    Using the Cash Buyer Data Feed is super easy!

    With its intuitive design and streamlined interface, finding and reaching out to cash buyers across the nation becomes a breeze, virtually eliminating any learning curve.

    Heat Mapping Technology

    Our property heat mapping technology allows you to find hidden pockets of Hot Buyers in any US market. ​

    The cash buyer data feed is designed for one thing, and that's providing nationwide access to cash buyers ​so you can...

    • Sell your properties faster and for more profit!
    • Give yourself the confidence to go out and start making offers immediately, knowing you’ve got buyers virtually on standby!
    • Find out who’s buying what in your marketplace and reverse engineer your way to selling every deal you find fast!

    This revolutionary software houses an ever-growing list of over 350,000 cash buyers.

    Each buyer in the data feed is a proven cash investor with public records of at least one cash purchase within the last 30 days...

    Say goodbye to the painstaking task of manually searching public records. Instead, build your tailored list of qualified cash buyers within a matter of minutes with the Cash Buyer Data Feed.

    Navigating the challenge of reaching out to these cash buyers has also been made a breeze with our inbuilt Mail Manager.

    No more stumbling over the right words to say or dealing with the logistical challenges of sending mail. Our software allows you to select a list of cash buyers, customize a letter template, and place the order for the letters to be mailed.

    This entire process, from finding a buyer to reaching out to them, is now a simple, seamless experience with no stamps, envelopes, or paper cuts involved.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Cash Buyer Data Feed?

    The data feed is comprised of individuals and corporations who have purchased real estate with cash, and no mortgage was recorded on the transaction.

    Our database only shows the active cash buyers who have purchased properties in the last 90 days to ensure that you're just contacting investors that are actively buying properties.

    How does your product help wholesalers?

    Cash buyers are generally real estate investors who either fix and flip or buy and hold houses as investment rental properties and as a wholesaler, this is precisely who you want on your buyer's list!

    The data feed of cash buyers doesn't need to qualify for funding on a real estate transaction. Once the title work is done, a cash buyer is typically ready to close on the property, which means you collect your assignment fee in days, not weeks or months.

    Cash buyers are the key to a wholesaler's success. Don't waste time with time-consuming methods of building your list. Sign up for the cash buyer database today and have access to every single cash buyer in your area!

    Can't I just build my own cash buyers list?

    I'll be honest. Building a list of buyers from scratch takes a lot of time and effort.

    You not only have to find people claiming to be cash buyers, but you also have to verify they really are cash buyers so they don't waste your time.

    However, if you'd like to give it a go, check out the Building Your Cash Buyer List ​ page of my Wholesaling University.

    How often is the data feed updated?

    The information is updated weekly, but keep in mind that sometimes it takes the counties a few days up to a few weeks to record the sales data. (depending on the county)

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