Wholesaling University: The Ultimate FREE Real Estate Wholesaling Course

Learn How to Wholesale Real Estate (The Right Way!)

Wholesaling University is a totally free course that will systematically walk you through the entire real estate wholesaling process.

Upon completing this course, you should thoroughly understand everything involved, giving you the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the wholesaling business.

Listen, there is no "secret formula" to wholesaling houses, everything you need to know is published somewhere on the internet, and there is no need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for the information.

I've developed this course (and website) so people can find everything they need all in one place.

Real Estate Wholesaling Step-by-Step ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ...

This wholesaling course is laid out step by step based on what you need to learn and the actions you need to complete your first (and many) wholesale real estate transactions.

Study each lesson until you have a solid understanding, and then keep moving to the next until you finish the course.

Learning how to wholesale real estate in this step-by-step process will help you understand, retain and implement the strategies in this course more effectively.

And once you've completed your first deal, you'll find that you will keep using this process to wholesale house after house with ease.

Wholesaling Real Estate For Beginners (σ‿σ)

Only some have a real estate or sales background, and some course creators forget that little detail.

I've strived to keep that in mind, so this course is designed for beginners. No matter your background, this course will explain wholesaling clearly and concisely.

Wholesaling real estate is a great business, and I'm glad you're here because learning it the right way will be the difference between success and frustration.

I'm excited about being part of your journey and hearing about your successes as you start and continue your real estate career... Now let's get started!

Wholesaling University Course Curriculum 📓

✓ Wholesaling Basics
✓ Psychology of Wholesaling
✓ Legality of Real Estate Wholesaling
✓ Choosing Your Market
✓ Building Your Cash Buyers List
✓ Speaking With Cash Buyers
✓ Finding Investor Friendly Title Companies
✓ Finding Motivated Sellers
✓ Speaking With Motivated Sellers
✓ Calculating After Repair Value (ARV)

✓ Property Walk-Through
✓ Estimating Rehab Costs
✓ Calculating Maximum Allowable Offer
✓ Negotiating & Making Your Offer
✓ Wholesaling Contracts & Exit Strategies
✓ Marketing Your Deal To Investors
✓ Assignments vs. Double Closings
✓ The Title Process
✓ Real Estate Closings
✓ Repeating The Process

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Join Wholesaling University today and unlock the doors to your real estate wholesaling success.

With our step-by-step course curriculum, designed for beginners like you, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the real estate industry.

Don't waste time and money searching for scattered information online or investing in costly courses.

Wholesaling University brings everything you need together in one convenient platform, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the process and the confidence to make your mark in the world of wholesaling.

Your journey to financial freedom starts here.

Enroll in Wholesaling University today, and let's embark on this exciting adventure

Join Wholesaling University!

Wholesaling University is a totally free course that will systematically walk you through the entire real estate wholesaling process.

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