Wholesaling Spreadsheet -The Easiest Way to Analyze & Market Your Deals

The Easiest Way to Analyze Deals & Create Professional Marketing Reports That Will Sell Your Wholesale Deal Fast!

What is the Wholesaling Spreadsheet?

The Wholesaling Spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet that makes analyzing and marketing your deals easier than ever before.

What's included in the Wholesaling Spreadsheet?

  • Rehab Repair Cost Estimator
  • Rehab Wholesale Calculator
  • Rehab Inspection Checklist
  • Rehab Marketing Sheet
  • Rehab Marketing Packet
  • Rehab Repair & Estimate Report
  • Home Owner Offer Report
  • Rental Wholesale Calculator
  • Rental Marketing Sheet
  • Rental Marketing Packet
  • Rental Inspection Checklist
  • Rental Repair & Estimate Report
  • Rental Repair & Cost Estimator
  • Customization & All Future Updates

How You Use The Wholesaling Spreadsheet...

After finding a motivated seller, the next step is determining what you should offer them for their house, and that's when you need the Wholesaling Spreadsheet. ​ ​

Let's walk through the steps of a wholesale real estate transaction and show you exactly how the wholesaling spreadsheet will help you close more deals and make more money...

Step 1: Pick The Wholesale Strategy

Are you going to market this property to flippers or buy and hold investors?

Step 2: Calculate Rehab Costs

One of the most challenging things for a new real estate wholesaler to learn is how to estimate renovation costs accurately.

So the big question is, how can you estimate the cost if you have no construction or rehab experience?

The wholesaling spreadsheet can help you quickly and accurately estimate your investment property rehab costs which is one of the critical factors in determining what to offer on the property.

The wholesaling spreadsheet even has a printer-friendly inspection checklist to document repairs as you walk through the property thoroughly.

Step 3: Determine The Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO)

The maximum allowable offer is the most essential formula in real estate wholesaling because it's the number that will guarantee you make a profit on your deal and considerably minimize your risk.

The Wholesaling Spreadsheet will quickly help you calculate your real estate rehab costs, assignment fee, and comparable comps to quickly help you determine what your maximum allowable offer (MAO) should be for the property.

​So if you're new to the wholesaling business or just not confident of your rehab estimating skills, download your free demo of the Wholesaling Spreadsheet. ​

Step 4: Make Your Offer

Negotiating with a seller can be challenging, and one of the best methods I've found is to show them comparable sales, then show them the cost of repairs needed to make their property worth as much as the others.

The best way to do this is with the homeowner offer report.

Presenting sellers with a breakdown of comps and repairs is an extremely helpful tool when negotiating a price!

It's one thing to explain their house needs a lot of work to be sold at market value.

But showing them in black and white often makes them realize there's a lot of work to be done, and maybe it would be advantageous for them to sell the house at a discount and just be done with it.

Step 5: Market Your Deal to Cash Buyers

When you send your deal out, the investor wants to see all the information at a glance. Price, Property Information, Tax Information, Proforma, ROI, Property Repair Estimate, and Photos...

Sending them a well-prepared package will not only sell your deal quicker, but it will set you apart from all the other wholesalers in your area.

The Wholesaling Spreadsheet will help you create a stunning proposal for any real estate investor. If they are looking to acquire the property for their rental portfolio, you can design your marketing to highlight the benefits of the property as a rental property.

But you'll likely have investors that also buy real estate to fix and flip, so the wholesaling spreadsheet can also create a rehab marketing package designed just for them.

​It doesn't matter what type of buyer you have. If you're a professional real estate wholesaler, you need to market your properties in the best way possible...

​You Need The Wholesaling Spreadsheet.

Get The Wholesaling Spreadsheet Today For $67.00

The Easiest Way to Analyze Deals & Create Professional Marketing Reports That Will Sell Your Wholesale Deal Fast!

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