Wholesale Real Estate Marketing Letters

The Marketing Letters You Need For Wholesaling Houses

Wholesale Real Estate Marketing Letters and Postcards are, without a doubt, just as important as the list of homeowners you are sending them out to.

Once you've purchased a great mailing list of properties, you believe in having a good chance of being owned by motivated sellers. You need to send them an effective letter or postcard that will get you a reasonable response rate.

Your marketing letter needs to be short, to the point, and effectively communicate your message. All too often, real estate marketing is too fancy, colorful, wordy, and looks like junk mail and typically goes straight from the mailbox to the trash can without being read.

Let me help you convey your "we buy houses" message to potential sellers to get more calls and close more wholesale real estate deals.

Below you can download my Free Wholesale Real Estate Marketing Letters.

These yellow letters, driving for dollars door note, probate, realtor and attorney marketing letters I've used personally to wholesale residential real estate and hope they bring you as much success as they have me.

Sample letters To Motivated Sellers

Follow these rules for the best results

1. Use standard #10 white envelopes

2. Handwrite the return address as well as the address of the seller(s) (or pay someone to do it)

3. Try not to use a business address for your return address (people like dealing with people, not big businesses)

Yellow Letter templates (without lines)

Note: Print your letters on 8 1/2 x 11 yellow paper (or the color of your choice).

If you'd like a more realistic font I recommend Brian Scratch, you can download it here from dafont.com at no cost.

Yellow Letter templates (with lines)

Note: Print your letters on 8 1/2 x 11 yellow paper (or the color of your choice).

Verify that the words match the lines with your chosen font before printing.

My "Driving For Dollars" Door Letter

(Click to download)

Sample driving for dollars door letter

Check Out The Ultimate Guide To Driving For Dollars To Learn How I Use This Letter.

Cash Buyer Letter

(Click to download)

Sample cash buyer letter

Looking for more ways to build your cash buyers list? Check this out!

Realtor Letter

(Click to download)

Sample Realtor Letter

Attorney Letters

Mail Merge Tutorial

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