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How to Publicly Access The USPS Vacant Address Data:

Numerous real estate companies, investors, wholesalers, and other businesses seek access to USPS Vacant Address Data, which is typically unavailable to the general public.

However, in recent years, vacant address data has become accessible through several data list providers nationwide. I began purchasing this data years ago after locating a data source that offered it through their bulk data division.

The question arises as to where this information originates.

According to the HUD website, in 2005, HUD established an agreement with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to receive quarterly aggregated data on addresses categorized as "vacant" or "No-Stat" by the USPS in the previous quarter.

This data can only be accessed by governmental entities and non-profit organizations registered as users, per the USPS agreement. Furthermore, the website clarifies that the USPS does not provide HUD with a list of specific addresses or properties.

Instead, HUD receives a tabulation of various address types and the corresponding number of vacant addresses for each type. HUD then organizes these counts based on the Census Tract in which they are located and distributes the data by tract as the final product.

From my analysis, it can be inferred that the vacant address data offered by data list providers must originate from the USPS, as it is unlikely that any other entity would collect such comprehensive national-level data.

Vacant Address Data Quality

It is important to note that regardless of the data provider you choose, it is unlikely that the information will be 100% accurate.

Here's why: The USPS sends the data file to HUD every quarter, and it can be assumed that data providers receive the same list. However, houses listed as vacant may no longer be available by the time the data reaches you, as they could have been sold or rented in the interim.

Furthermore, the USPS vacant address list may include vacation homes and residences where mail delivery has been discontinued due to the use of PO boxes. These properties may not actually be vacant.

Based on my experience, approximately 40% of the houses on the vacant list are not truly vacant. However, this does not render the list useless, as the remaining 60% represents valuable leads.

In fact, the majority of my wholesale deals, over 90%, have involved vacant houses. This is why I focus my efforts primarily on vacant homes.

While being aware of the potential inaccuracies in the vacant address data is essential, it remains a valuable resource for identifying potential opportunities in the real estate market.

Vacant Address Data Providers

It is important to exercise caution when encountering individuals on Facebook and other online platforms who offer vacant property lists, especially if they are reselling them.

I advise against engaging with such offers for several reasons.

Firstly, reselling the information obtained from these lists is likely a violation of the terms and conditions under which the data was obtained. As a result, those individuals may risk losing their access to the data in the near future.

Secondly, there is no guarantee regarding the freshness or currency of the resold lists or how many times they have been sold to other parties.

The reliability and accuracy of such lists become questionable due to these factors.

Lastly, it is crucial to conduct business with credible and trustworthy individuals. Relying on reputable sources for obtaining vacant house data is highly recommended to ensure reliability and accuracy.

Instead of pursuing shortcuts or attempting to secure a bargain, I suggest investing in a legitimate service that provides nationwide access to the Vacant House Data Feed for a low monthly fee of $79.00

This way, you can have confidence in the quality and accuracy of the data you obtain, avoiding disappointment and potential legal issues associated with unauthorized data acquisition.

Vacant House Data Feed

I recommend utilizing the Vacant House Data Feed to access vacant address data.

This data feed provides vacant address information and valuable additional data such as ownership details, mortgage data, equity, property values, and more.

The Vacant House Data Feed is essential for real estate companies, investors, wholesalers, property managers, and related businesses. By utilizing this comprehensive data feed, you can gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions.

For further information about the Vacant House Data Feed, please click here.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Ask The Post Office For A Vacant Property List?

    Unfortunately No, This data can only be accessed by governmental entities and non-profit organizations registered as users, per the USPS agreement.

    Will The Mail Carriers Tell Me Where Vacant Houses Are?

    They very well might. However, on average, there are only 400 houses on a typical mail route. So you might not yield very many potentially vacant properties.

    What Does The Vacant House Data Feed Include?
    • Privately Owned Verified Vacant Houses
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    • Vacant Properties with Out of State Owners
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