Transactional Funding: The Best Lender For Real Estate Wholesalers.

Transactional Funding for...

  • Non-Assignable Contracts
  • Maximizing Wholesale Markup
  • State Law Compliance

Overcome the limitations of non-assignable contracts, protect your profit margins, and always stay within the bounds of state laws.

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    The 3 Main Roadblocks Wholesalers Face Without Transactional Funding...

    Non-Assignable Contracts

    If you've landed a deal on a property with a contract that isn't assignable to a third party, you may find yourself facing a significant obstacle.

    This is a common scenario when purchasing properties off MLS, acquiring bank-owned properties, or dealing with government-owned entities like HUD, FHA, Fannie Mae, etc.

    You see, without the ability to assign the contract, you can't simply transfer your purchase rights to your end buyer. This contractual limitation could potentially stall or even derail your wholesaling deal, blocking your path to profit.

    The good news is Transactional Funding from Straightline can offer a powerful solution to this roadblock.

    Maximizing Profits

    As a real estate wholesaler, sometimes you might find it beneficial not to assign a contract, especially when aiming to maximize your wholesale markup.

    It's no secret - end buyers can sometimes be hesitant to purchase a property if they perceive the assignment fee as too high. This is where the beauty of Transactional Funding from Straightline comes into play.

    By choosing to use this funding strategy, you can keep your markup confidential. You're not obligated to disclose your contract details, including your profit margin, to the end buyer.

    This confidentiality can make the property more appealing to your buyer while you get to enjoy a maximized return on the deal.

    State Law Compliance

    Certain states have stringent regulations that either disallow the assignment of contracts or require a real estate license to wholesale properties.

    These regulations can impose serious limitations on your operations.

    However, there's a solution that navigates these legal intricacies - Transactional Funding.

    When assignments are not allowed, or when wholesaling activities require a license, Transactional Funding enables you to legally 'close' on the property first and then 'resell' it in a separate transaction.

    This approach not only ensures you're operating within the law, but it also circumvents the need for a wholesaling license, as you're technically buying and reselling the property, not merely assigning contracts.

    • The Solution... Straightline Funding!

    The # 1 Provider of 100% Transactional Funding

    Lowest Fees

    Straightline's low-cost funding structure allows you to keep more of your wholesale profits.

    We also have no upfront fees and no fees if the deals do not close.

    Funding in 47 States

    Straightline can fund double closings in all states except New York, California, & Utah.

    We can also help you with investor-friendly closing firms.

    Fast Funding

    Because we have been funding double closings since 2006, our process is fast and efficient.

    Let our experience work for you to close more deals and make more profit.

    Dedicated Team

    We work 100% with real estate wholesalers and investors.

    Your funding request is sent immediately to our team to open a file and start working on what is needed to get you to closing.

    Straightline's Transactional Funding

    Program Details

    Minimum And Maximum Loan Amounts

    There is no minimum transactional funding amount, and the maximum funding amount is $6,000,000

    Minimum And Maximum Loan Amounts

    Deal Sizes Below $100,000 = Flat Fee of $750

    Deal Sizes Above $100,000 and up to $1,000,000 = 0.75%

    Deal Sizes Above $1,000,000 and up to $2,000,000 = 1.00%

    Deal Sizes Above $2,000,000 and up to $6,000,000 = 2.00%

    Fees are based on your purchase price on the A to B contract.

    There are NO UPFRONT FEES, NO ADDITIONAL FEES, and NO FEES if the transaction does not close.

    Credit Score Requirements

    There are no personal financial requirements to obtain Transactional Funding. We do not run your credit and do not require bank statements, tax returns, etc.

    Title Company Requirements

    Straightline requires both the A-B and the B-C transactions to occur at the same settlement office or title company. Some exceptions are possible, so please discuss your specific situation with a loan officer if your transactions are closing at different offices.

    Proof of Funds Letter

    Straightline offers free Proof of Funds letters to their clients. Simply click on the "POF Request" button on the product page and fill out the request form. They will email you the letter in PDF format.

    Documentation Required

    The A to B Contract

    The B to C Contract

    Drivers License

    Corporate Docs:

    (Articles of Org/Incorporation, EIN Document; Articles of Org)

    If the C Buyer (End Buyer) is getting a loan to purchase the property, please send any information from the lender (pre-approval, term sheet, etc.)

    Closing Timeline

    Straightline can fund deals as quickly as the same day if all required documentation is provided by both their client and the title agent or closing attorney.

    However, they prefer to receive your submission and documentation once you have obtained your B to C Contract and you are ready for title to be started.

    Get Your Transactional Funding Started

    Deal under contract? Need funding or proof of funds?

    Connect with StraightLine Funding today.

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