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Harness our comprehensive nationwide data, advanced search capabilities, and dynamic analytics tools to uncover hidden investment opportunities, assess market trends, and make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

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Propstream Features & Benefits

Nationwide Data: With a comprehensive database of over 153 million properties across the United States, PropStream enables users to access crucial information without geographical restrictions.

Detailed Property Data: PropStream provides in-depth information for each property, including ownership history, mortgage & tax details, neighborhood stats, and more. This information helps users make informed decisions based on the full context of a property.

Advanced Search and List Building: Tailor searches based on numerous criteria to find precisely what you're looking for. This feature saves time and focuses on potential properties matching specific criteria.

Property Analysis Tools: Robust tools for estimating repairs, calculating potential profits, and comparing properties help users perform detailed analyses, ensuring financially sound investment decisions.

Marketing Tools: Create and manage marketing campaigns directly within the software, streamlining marketing efforts and making reaching potential buyers or sellers easier.

Contact Data: Access the contact information for property owners to facilitate direct communication, accelerating deal closure by making it easy to reach out directly to owners.

Mobile App: With the PropStream Mobile App, users can access the platform's functionality on the go, ensuring informed decisions can be made anytime, anywhere.

CRM Integration: Seamless integration with popular CRM platforms streamlines workflows and helps manage leads more effectively.

Automated Workflow: Automate tasks such as sending postcards or ringless voicemail to save time and effort.

*Please remember to check the official PropStream website for the most accurate and current information, as this software may offer additional features not mentioned here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a one time 7-day free trial of PropStream?

Sign up here to receive a free 7-day trial of PropStream. Cancel anytime. There is no obligation to subscribe.

What does a free trial include?

- Full access to PropStream (Team Members not included)
- 50 Imports/Exports of Properties
- Ability to purchase all in-app products (skip tracing & marketing), excluding
List Automator

What data does PropStream include?

PropStream’s nationwide property data is multi-sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database available of over 153 million properties.

PropStream provides daily updates to:

MLS Listings (Sales, Failed Listings, Active, Pending, and Contingent Listings)

Pre-foreclosure Filings and Public Auctions

Foreclosed Properties & Real Estate Owned (REO)

Vacant Properties

Tax Liens

HOA & Mechanic’s Liens

Cash Buyers

High Equity

Free & Clear Properties

Non-Owner Occupied Properties

Bankruptcy Filings

Divorce Filings

Deceased Owners

Linked Properties


“Zombie” Foreclosures

Rental Values

Mortgage Information

Senior Owners

Tired Landlords

Do all counties/states provide the same information?

No. A few counties across the U.S. restrict certain information from Public Records, such as bedroom and bathroom counts.

Non-disclosure states (Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri (some counties), Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming) eliminate the sales price from being publicly available, requiring all companies that are not Agents/Brokers to create an estimated sales price using logic and market intelligence.

How often is PropStream’s data updated?

MLS data is updated daily

Vacant data is updated monthly

Tax Assessor updates annually (some counties update more frequently)

Does PropStream data include the number of units for multi-family residents?

Yes. PropStream pulls data directly from the county tax assessor. The property classification (i.e., Property Type or County Land Use Codes) identifies the property type. In a lot of areas, the counties will classify the properties as:

Duplex (2 units)

Triplex (3 units)

Quad Plex (4 units)

Multi-family (5+)

Multi-family (10+)

The counties also have counts broken out by residential and commercial. However, some counties may not populate that information in their public records.

Is PropStream data scrubbed for Do Not Call (DNC) lists?

Yes, PropStream now offers Free DNC scrubbing. Our PropStream Skip Trace DNC flag includes known litigators: (a) Federal & State Do Not Call Lists (b) Government Numbers, (c) Attorney Numbers, (d) Anti Telemarketing Groups, (e) Plaintiffs of litigation, and Pre-Litigation cases.

What types of property searches can be performed?

County, City, and Zip Code (up to 5 Zip Codes at a time) or a specific address. You can also use the draw search feature to draw a radius around the area you would like to search in.

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