How to Marketing Your Wholesale Real Estate Deal

Way back in lesson five, I told you how important it was to start building your cash buyers list, and now you're going to see the importance of that.

The second you've put a property under contract, the clock starts ticking, and you need a buyer fast!!!

Typically the contract is written for 30 days, and that doesn't mean you have 30 days to find a buyer...

It means you have 30 days until the closing!

Luckily most cash buyers can close within a couple of weeks, but they'll also want time to do their due diligence.

So that gives you approximately one week to find our buyer, so marketing your property quickly with all the information needed for your buyers to make a quick decision is extremely important.

​Lots of Pictures

As I mentioned before, taking many pictures of the property is crucial because it allows your cash buyers to assess the property without setting foot inside it.

I'll often assign properties to my investors subject to a walkthrough before closing to ensure there isn't a deficiency my photos didn't show.

Rehab Numbers

Every investor will come up with a different rehab cost, so your goal is to be in the ballpark of what it will cost them.

We covered estimating rehab costs, so I'm confident you can come up with a number but don't worry...

Your investors will be able to look at the pictures you send them and estimate what they'll have to spend to get the property "rent" or "retail-ready."

​But still, do your best to become a pro at estimating repairs!!!

Rental Numbers

People are often familiar with the term "ROI" (return on investment), but with cash buyers, it's more appropriate to use "Cap Rate" (capitalization rate).

Cap Rate is used when no mortgage or financing is used to purchase an investment property because the investor has paid in cash.

The best way to determine the Cap Rate is to download a Cap Rate Calculator or find one online. (there are many to choose from)

Compiling The Information

Now it's time to compile the property information, pictures, rehab/rental numbers, and a property description and distribute it to your cash buyers list.

Remember, Presentation is Important!!!

Investors will be much more likely to work with you if the properties are presented professionally.

Below I'll highlight a few of the best ways to send cash buyers your properties...


Dropbox is a favorite among wholesalers and investors.

To use it, sign up for a free account and create a new file for each property you put under contract.

You should create a property information sheet to upload with all the property photos to the file.

Then send the Dropbox link to your list of cash buyers.

Sample Dropbox File

Google Drive

Google Drive is very similar to Dropbox.

If you have a Gmail account, you already have google drive. If not, open a free Gmail account, and you'll be good to go!

Website Link

I love creating a hidden webpage for properties on my website and then sending a link to that page to my cash buyers.

You'll notice that the only way to access the property is if you have a link...

I do this because I don't want the seller to be on my website and see their property listed for the world to see.

Send Out Your Deal!

Once you have all the property information in a Dropbox or Google Drive file or on a hidden webpage, start emailing that link to your cash buyers with a short note.

"Hey John, I've just put this great property under contract.

It won't last long

Let me know if you're interested.

It won't last long!


​If you've built a good cash buyers list and the property is priced right, you'll have a taker within a few days. (often a couple of hours)

Cash Buyer Data Feed

Lastly, if you're still building your cash buyers list or want to send the property to a larger audience, I highly recommend using the Cash Buyer Data Feed.

This software will allow you to send a letter or postcard promoting the property to all the investors currently buying in your market.

Check out the cash buyers list page here.

​Marketing Your Deal Recap

  • You have a week to find a buyer, so get at it!
  • Make sure you have lots of property photos
  • Have a good rehab estimate
  • Include the rental numbers
  • Compile all the information
  • Pick your hosting platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Website)
  • Start emailing out your deal
  • Use the Cash Buyer Data Feed to grow your list

Suggested Tools

Cash Buyer Data Feed - The #1 way to build the ultimate cash buyers list!!!

Wholesaling Spreadsheet - This helps you create amazing marketing materials for your deals.

Dropbox - The industry standard for sharing property photos and information

Google Drive - Another great way to share photos and property information

Carrot Website - Investor websites that let you highlight your available properties.

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