Flipster Software Review: Let's Check Out The Features and Functionality

Flipster Real Estate Software Review

The ever-evolving arena of property investing requires one to be well-equipped, whether a wholesaler, rehabber, property broker, or real estate developer.

Notably, a tool that has caught everyone's attention is Flipster.

Flipster is an invention of property investor Jerry Norton, boasting of being an all-in-one property investment software laden with many tools to locate, finance, and renovate properties. Its holistic approach has captivated both well-established and nascent investors.

You might wonder, "Is Flipster truly as impressive as it claims to be?"

To assist you in answering this question, we've formulated an all-encompassing review of Flipster to paint an accurate depiction of what this platform offers.

In this 2023 updated review, we dive into the depths of Flipster's features, merits, pricing structure, and comparison with other property investment software.

We tackle common queries about Flipster and objectively judge its worthiness as an investment. By the conclusion of this review, you'll possess a thorough understanding of Flipster software, empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

Now, let's dive into the eagerly awaited particulars of Jerry Norton's Flipster!

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    What Is Flipster?

    Flipster is a web-based property investment tool that simplifies real estate investing.

    This inclusive platform navigates users through the complete investment cycle - from identifying underpriced properties and scrutinizing potential opportunities to obtaining financing and estimating refurbishment budgets.

    Acting as an exhaustive property database, the software identifies various listings suitable for renovation and resale ventures.

    This includes underpriced property sales, MLS listings, and beyond, which eases the pursuit of the ideal investment prospect.

    In addition, Flipster is tailored to the needs of wholesale property investors. It comes equipped with features that synchronize seamlessly with the standard wholesaling procedures.

    This includes identifying sellers' contact details traced through skip tracing, deal assessment, contract creation, proposal submissions, and predictions of refurbishment expenses and anticipated profits.

    What's Flipster Do & How Does it Work?

    Flipster's property investment tool provides the capability for nationwide property scans, allowing you to delve into over 150 million prospective deals across America.

    Its database encompasses properties in pre-foreclosure, vacant homes, and properties owned by absentees, to name a few. Based on your subscription tier, Flipster offers a minimum of 10,000 leads from motivated sellers each month.

    Moreover, it presents a range of filters for refining your search criteria. If you're a wholesaler, the platform can aid you in networking with other property investors.

    Flipster's Advanced Skip Tracing feature delivers essential contact information about property owners, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

    The software also facilitates the estimation of a property's worth by drawing comparisons with similar property sales.

    It features customizable websites for cash buyers to engage potential buyers and motivated sellers, digital contract templates ready for use, and an integrated deal assessment calculator to determine the most favorable offer price.

    Additionally, Flipster includes a ringless voicemail function, enabling you to leave voice messages for potential sellers and refurbishment tools to estimate possible renovation expenses and create a budget.

    Finally, Flipster provides self-paced learning resources, incorporating video tutorials and written guides on property flipping and wholesaling.

    The process initiates when you input a desired zip code, following which the software produces a variety of leads, including properties owned by absentees, high equity properties, leads from Craigslist, and more.

    Flipster's leads are updated daily, letting users discover new properties quicker than conventional search engines. The platform displays property specifics, including the contact information of the owner.

    The tool also offers resources such as contractor estimates and deal creators, enabling you to handle multiple deals concurrently.

    Flipster's Features & Benefits

    Flipster has many features intended to elevate your property investment experience. Let's explore the benefits other users enjoy:

    • Motivated Seller Leads
    • Skip Tracing
    • Lead Stacking
    • Cash Buyer Leads
    • Private Lender Network
    • Email Marketing
    • Ringless Voicemail
    • Pre-Written Templates
    • Real Estate Comps
    • Deal Management
    • Offer Generator Pro
    • Deal Analyzer
    • Real Estate Contracts
    • Property Workflow
    • Cash Buyer & Private Money Websites
    • Rehab Estimator & Budget Tracker

    Motivated Seller Leads

    A distinctive advantage of Flipster is that it furnishes users not with general seller leads but rather motivated seller leads.

    This implies that the sellers you encounter on this platform are under additional pressure to expedite their home sale.

    You will likely encounter numerous absentee owners not residing in the listed properties. Often, these individuals are weary landlords eager to adjust their price downwards for a quick sale.

    Another group you may encounter is owners residing in a different state.

    For them, selling a property—particularly an unoccupied one—while located elsewhere can be pretty burdensome; therefore, these property owners are typically inclined towards a quick sale.

    Skip Tracing

    Flipster is a skip-tracing tool that sifts through billions of records to identify contact details such as phone numbers and emails of cash buyers, motivated sellers, and private financiers.

    Individuals who belong to these categories are unquestionably among the most motivated to buy and sell properties.

    Lead Stacking

    Flipster's lead stacking tool is designed to specifically target extremely motivated sellers, utilizing a combination of motivations such as absentee ownership and pre-foreclosure, in order to identify and engage with high-potential leads in the real estate market.

    Cash Buyer Leads

    Flipster aids in sorting through cash buyers, a group particularly attractive to wholesalers and renovators.

    These individuals or organizations are appealing because they signify a portion of investors and landlords known for their tendency to buy properties in full, utilizing cash instead of resorting to financial backing.

    Such buyers have a history of investing in rental properties, and judging by their purchase behavior, they are likely to continue acquiring more properties.

    They become an ideal target for wholesalers eager to rapidly offload their properties without the hindrances associated with conventional financing methods.

    By facilitating the filtering of these cash buyers, Flipster expedites the process, leading to a faster closing on your deal.

    Private Leander Network

    Private lenders are generally affluent individuals who finance real estate transactions at competitive interest rates and with less red tape.

    They emerge as an attractive option in the property investment sphere compared to banks and hard money lenders.

    Private lenders are frequently labeled as asset-based lenders. This terminology stems from the fact that these lenders often require some form of an asset as security for the loan they provide (like another property or a vehicle).

    By employing Flipster, you gain access to a comprehensive network of both private and asset-based lenders, considerably simplifying the process of purchasing homes.

    Email Marketing

    Flipster incorporates email marketing within its array of services. The ability to dispatch emails through Flipster comes at no extra cost and is integrated into the membership fee.

    The cherry on top is the absence of a ceiling on the number of emails you can send to motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders.

    Ringless Voicemail

    Flipster provides direct-to-voicemail functionality, enabling you to send recorded messages to property owners without their phone ringing.

    Consequently, the leads that reach back out to you are largely those who are "primed and prepared" to advance in the process of selling or buying homes.

    Pre-Written Templates

    Flipster offers various pre-written templates that can be used to communicate with prospective motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders.

    It is advisable to customize these templates, considering that all other software users have access to the same scripts.

    Real Estate Comps

    Utilizing Flipster provides you with real estate comparables or recently sold property data. This tool simplifies the task of estimating any property's value.

    Additionally, it affords a detailed view of each comparable, encompassing images, the year of construction, the date of sale, and its transaction price.

    Deal Management

    Maintain control over every transaction you enter with Flipster's contact and property management features.

    These tools enable you to monitor each deal you partake in, eradicating the necessity for manual documentation and lessening the potential for oversight or miscommunication.

    This feature aggregates all your vital information - encompassing key contacts associated with a deal, such as property owners, investors, and contractors, and essential property specifics, like location, dimensions, and trading history.

    Motivated Seller Websites

    In the current property market, a website featuring high-resolution images and virtual tours has become more essential than ever before.

    With Flipster, you can secure a customized website designed to attract a plethora of motivated sellers in your market.

    Offer Generator Pro

    Flipster's Offer Generator Pro tool allows you to propose offers instantly.

    Just complete the blanks in the provided template and click go to make offers on properties of your choice, all accomplished in minutes.

    Deal Analyzer

    Flipster's deal analyzer calculates the figures for any house and provides you with the offer price. It also indicates the profit you would potentially net if you were to have an offer accepted on the property.

    Real Estate Contracts

    In Flipster's contract library, you are granted access to an extensive selection of lawyer-approved contracts, ensuring that your agreements are foolproof and unassailable.

    Property Workflow

    With Flipster's property workflow, you receive assistance at each transaction stage. This tool guides you through each step of your deal, providing valuable resources like instructional videos, scripts, and templates.

    Cash Buyer & Private Money Websites

    Should you require additional assistance in persuading cash buyers and private lenders to collaborate with you, Flipster's custom websites will provide the extra support and credibility you need.

    Rehab Estimator & Budget Tracker

    Flipster further provides tools for property renovation, including a budget monitoring tool, a paperless contractor management hub, and a refurbishment checklist.

    This convenient checklist can estimate your repair expenses in under 15 minutes.

    Flipster Pricing

    If Flipster has piqued your interest, a two-week free trial is available with limited features.

    After the trial period, the basic package comes at a monthly cost of $97.

    (More advanced packages are available.)

    The charged subscriptions include various robust functionalities we've previously discussed, such as platform access, property profiles, lists and dashboards for seller leads, email marketing capabilities, and offer-generating tools.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How Much Does Flipster Cost?

      Flipster's basic plan is $97 per month and can go as high as $297 per month. Its pricing aligns with its competitors, and the availability of several plans at various price levels makes it adaptable to any budget.

      The cost is justifiable given its functionalities for wholesaling, purchasing, selling, and flipping houses. Even if you are still determining its suitability for your needs, the company provides a free trial to experiment with the software.

      How Often Are Flipster Updates?

      Flipster undergoes daily updates to guarantee that you're receiving the most current and powerful tools.

      Is Flipster Worth The Investment?

      Navigating through the myriad of real estate investment software can be overwhelming, making it tough to discern which one aligns best with your needs.

      It's important to remember that Flipster, much like its counterparts, isn't a guaranteed shortcut to a multitude of successful deals.

      However, this doesn't negate its value. With the right mindset and a solid understanding of your chosen real estate strategy, Flipster can be a potent tool in your arsenal.

      Depending on your marketing methods, be prepared to invest in direct advertising costs to reach property owners. Think of it as paving the way to persuade them that you're the best choice among all prospective buyers.

      In the grand scheme of things, it's a strategic move that could result in significant returns.

      Is Flipster Legit?

      Yes! It's Totally Legit

      Is Training And Support Included?

      Yes! You have unrestricted access to our high-quality support team. Additionally, within Flipster, you'll find an extensive array of tutorial videos and instructional documents to assist you.

      Will Flipster Work In My State?

      Absolutely, Flipster operates effectively across all 50 states. We have motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders' data nationwide.

      Do I Need Any Other Software?

      Not at all. Flipster is a comprehensive, all-encompassing software with all the necessary tools for wholesaling and flipping houses.

      It integrates contact and property management, deal analyzers, email marketing, and digital contracts, allowing you to operate your entire real estate business with just one piece of software!

      Do I Need Real Estate Experience?

      Not at all. Flipster is crafted to be beneficial for both newcomers and seasoned investors in the real estate market.

      If you're entirely new to this field, the software is intuitive and user-friendly, complemented with instructional videos.

      Furthermore, in the Training Center, you'll be offered supplementary lessons to familiarize yourself with the fundamental aspects of real estate.

      What If I Don't Have A Big Marketing Budget?

      No worries at all! A large advertising budget is not a necessity when using Flipster.

      The platform allows you to communicate with motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders via email, calls, or texts at no extra cost.

      Importantly, there are no additional fees for sending emails through Flipster, and you can send unlimited emails.

      Can I Cancel Anytime?

      Yes. Your plan is month-to-month, and you can cancel anytime.

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